Our jobs pay the bills, take up many of our waking hours and can even make sense of our lives. They can also be a source of significant stress: tight deadlines, long days and difficult conversations. Whatever your job is, work can be anxious. Mindfulness can help. In recent years, many companies - from Google to General Mills - have begun to teach mindfulness in the office. I have developed a business package that can reduce the impact of workplace stress on your mind and body.


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Benefits of Corporate meditation

Would your workplace benefit from a meditation program? "


Workplace stress affects most employees. In fact, according to the American Institute of Stress (AIS), 80% of workers feel stress on the job, and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress. When stress is left untreated, it can lead to chronic stress or burnout. Both of which have many physical and mental health consequences. Meditating is a simple way to quickly reduce stress and tension in the workplace. Just a 10-minute meditation break can help employees clear their minds and feel more relaxed.


If you want a healthier workforce, implementing a meditation program may be just what you need. Research has found that regular meditation can actually help boost one's immune system.

Deep breaths reduce the body's stress, thereby increasing the immune system. Since your body can now focus on healing itself, rather than any worries you may have. When meditating, lymphocytes increase the cells that strengthen the immune system.

It happens through the electrical activity in the left side of the brain - which helps the immune system act more efficiently and produce more defense cells.


Social interaction and work relationships are important aspects of employee health and wellness. Practicing meditation together as a group is an easy way to promote social interaction and a sense of unity. Plus, practicing mindfulness has been said to help improve a person’s ability to manage healthy relationships by fostering a more positive outlook and attitude. 


Research found a link between meditation and memory. According to an article published by Memory Improvement Tips, “meditation directly affects the function and structure of the brain – changing it in ways that appear to increase attention span, sharpen focus, and improve memory.” 


Because meditation helps relieve built-up stress and tension, it can help boost employees’ decision-making skills. Practicing mindfulness teaches the brain to better focus and concentrate on the present moment – which can help them make more rational decisions.


Besides the positive impacts that regular meditation has on employees, employers will benefit from participating, too! By increasing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and positivity, meditation can make a huge impact on your presence in the workplace and help you become a better leader for your team.


Meditation Serier

  • Reducer arbejdsstress, skab sammenhold & Få mindre sygdomsfravær

  • 20 min. til 1 times sessioner

  • 3 sessioner anbefales som min. 

Ledelse Coaching

  • Individuelle meditation & coaching sessions

  • Forøg din følelsesmæssige intelligens og positivitet og bliv en bedre leder

  • 1 times sessioner

  • Du klargøres til store projekter