Our jobs pay the bills, take up many of our waking hours and can even make sense of our lives. They can also be a source of significant stress: tight deadlines, long days and difficult conversations. Whatever your job is, work can be anxious. Mindfulness can help. In recent years, many companies - from Google to General Mills - have begun to teach mindfulness in the office. I have developed a business package that can reduce the impact of workplace stress on your mind and body.


Krop Sind & Sjæl


Meditation Serier

  • Reducer arbejdsstress, skab sammenhold & Få mindre sygdomsfravær

  • 20 min. til 1 times sessioner

  • 3 sessioner anbefales som min. 

Ledelse Coaching

  • Individuelle meditation & coaching sessions

  • Forøg din følelsesmæssige intelligens og positivitet og bliv en bedre leder

  • 1 times sessioner

  • Du klargøres til store projekter