Cosmic Communication

Cosmic Communication


What is cosmic communication/ channeling

Channeling is a higher form of clairvoyance, an ability to come into contact with higher and deeper levels of consciousness, which opens up a vast supply of wisdom and guidance. Channeling is also an opportunity to get a sharper focus on the inner voice that we for some various reasons forget to listen to when it comes to ourselves. When channeling, you contact your personal guide, who is a friend who is always there, ready to love, encourage, and support you. Channeling is used in consulting work under various forms of therapy, healing, massage and in creative processes in texts, music and painting.


Anyone who really wants it can learn it!


An ability to make contact with his higher consciousness. Anyone who really wants it can learn it!


Course description


You will learn how to work with channeling techniques, meditation, energies and relaxation. You will, through these exercises, have the opportunity to contact your own personal guide / guide / guardian spirit.


Goal with this workshop


It will give you an inner calm, joy and security. Some even experience a feeling of happiness.


The course will also give you a greater profit in your everyday life as well as help you make a big step forward in your life.


After completing the workshop


Its held over 2 full days.

You will receive proof of completed course.



The course is combined over both days as the many hours of intensive meditations as well as personal development help open up your new skills and ways of thinking.


For sign- up

Contact via email or phone








Cosmic Communication workshop


Channeling/ Cosmic Communication means receiving messages from guides on higher levels of consciousness or from your own higher self - an ability that more and more people feel in touch with. Sometimes just in glimpses or in the long run.


This Channeling course allows you to open your channel to a huge supply of wisdom and guidance.


When you first get started, it often turns out to be far easier than expected; which, however, does not mean that some uncertainty may not arise in the beginning.


The most important prerequisite for connecting to a guide is that you want it ..!


A guide does not remove the difficult situations in one's life, but one learns to understand the situations and to see more choices in them.


It is not just about sensing what the future brings, but also about strengthening one's choice in the present. The state of mind in which channeling resembles the moments when inspiration flows freely, and channeling can therefore be used to become more creative in all areas of life.


Channeling can be used to answer everything, from the most mundane questions to the most challenging spiritual questions, but the most important thing for the guides is to convey messages to you as a questioner.


And ready to take a look at what you need in your life as it currently looks.